Page borders in all pages Using TCPDF

You can add borders to all pages in pdf generated using TCPDF by simple two steps.

  • Create a new class extend from TCPDF class
  • Override the Header method. (Header method is called on a generation of each new page in TCPDF)
class PTCPDF extends TCPDF
     protected $processId =0;
     protected $header ='';
     protected $footer ='';
     static $errorMsg ='';
      * This method is used to override the parent class method.
     public function Header()
          $this->writeHTMLCell($w='', $h='', $x='', $y='', $this->header, $border=0, $ln=0, $fill=0, $reseth=true, $align='L', $autopadding=true);

          $this->SetLineStyle( array('width'=>0.40,'color'=> array(0,0,0)));

          $this->Line(5,5, $this->getPageWidth()-5,5); 

          $this->Line($this->getPageWidth()-5,5, $this->getPageWidth()-5,  $this->getPageHeight()-5);
          $this->Line(5, $this->getPageHeight()-5, $this->getPageWidth()-5, $this->getPageHeight()-5);
          $this->Line(5,5,5, $this->getPageHeight()-5);

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